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Creative Playground is a branding and marketing agency with experience in retail, entertainment, sports, and fashion/licensing. They've worked with startups, as well as large established brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Loreal, Bebe, Brookstone, and Refinery29. I worked as a Visual Designer at Creative Playground for two years. When not working on client work, I worked on developing the company's brand and marketing materials including its corporate identity, website, and presentations.


Designer + Developer


Creative Playground

Brand Identity

When I began working at Creative Playground, the company was less than a month old. It's visual identity was a bit all over the place and their main brand color was a bold yellow paired with a soft gray. We decided early on we wanted to rebrand; especially when we began talks about building the website. When developing the new identity, my only constraint was using their existing logo. After putting together a mood board, i landed on an electric pink partnered with a strong black for a high contrast and modern look.

Site Development

The Project

When developing the website, our main goal was to help establish a voice / online presence for Creative Playground and gain position in the digital creative space. I originally designed the website using Adobe Muse, which has since been discontinued. In 2019 (a year after developing and publishing the site) I took on the challenge of re coding the entire website from scratch since Adobe discontinuing the original software posed problems for any future updates of the website.

Design + Development

I began the design process sifting through Pinterest. Uninspired till I landed on a series of websites that focused on female CEOs. Creative Playground is a female found company and very big on girl bosses, especially in typically male-dominated spaces. Although the website is a relatively simple design I chose to do various wireframes to explore different design choices. I chose to play off the light bulb theme throughout the site. While I was flushing out the actual design I began to build a design system to allow any future designers at the company to be able to create brand materials, presentations and make any website changes easily while staying on brand. When I decided to recode from scratch I used Adobe XD to redesign some aspects and do a quick prototype. This allowed me to re-examine its responsiveness and tweak some issues that I had with the original site.

SEO Optimization

Before publishing the website, searching Creative Playground on Google or Bing yielded results of nearby playgrounds for children. Building organic traffic and moving our new website up the ranks on search engines was our first priority when publishing the website. This project was my first time applying the research I've done on SEO optimization to an actual website. Within 3 weeks of publishing the site, it began to show up as the first option after searching the company; followed by the company's social sites (ex: LinkedIn).

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